Thank you United Way!

Through the “All That Kids Can Be” focus area, United Way Regina continues to empower Circle Project to positively impact the lives of the many Indigenous children and parents that we serve in the community. United Way Regina works hard to help us provide opportunities for children to succeed in school so that one day they will lead our community into a safe and prosperous future.

Circle Project’s Council, Staff and Families would like to thank United Way Regina for their continued support of the Circle Project, the Children’s Centre and the Infant & Toddler Centre. Through this vital partnership we are able to continue to make a positive impact on the lives of the children and parents who participate in our Cultural Connections for Kids program.



Picture 1 – “I am making flowers for the United Way. Thank you.” Elva

Picture 2 – “My sister’s and me say thank you United Way.” Maria

Picture 3 – “My Spongebob says thank you.” Logan

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