Accountability Statement

The Circle Project’s business and management practices ensure accountability and transparency, and they safeguard the organization and community.

  • We have clear governance, sound financial policies and practices, and conflict of interest guidelines.
  • We comply with all federal and provincial requirements to keep our organization in good standing with regulating bodies and as a registered charity in Canada.
  • We meet contractual obligations and have a process for data collection and outcome measurement.
  • We have ethical practices that address how we respond to needs in the community, develop programs, and deliver services to meet those needs.
  • We have procedures and processes for registering people in our programs and for collecting and using information.
  • Everyone engaged with the Circle Project — Council members, employees, and volunteers — knows what our expectations are and abides by the principles and processes we have for working together.
  • Members in good standing are elected to serve on our Council (Board of Directors) and are stewards of the Circle Project on behalf of the community.
  • Our sound financial practices are based on best practices for the not-for-profit sector, which include consistency in reporting of financial information and managing supporting documentation in compliance with both provincial and federal standards.
  • We report to the community through our annual report, which is provided to the broader community in June of each year.
  • As a mature organization, serving the community for over 30 years, we have developed and follow internal processes for risk management and conflict of interest.
  • We do not engage in or encourage nepotism in our staff, choosing instead to provide employment and training opportunities based on leadership potential in Indigenous people, particularly young adults.
  • We are innovative and have developed different, unique, and successful approaches to service delivery over the years. These approaches are now being adopted as “best practice” by other organizations.
  • We have partnered with other community organizations to engage in cost-saving methods of program delivery in Regina and the surrounding community.