Elders are considered the keepers of wisdom in the First Nation’s Culture. When one embarks on a journey of healing, the wisdom of a healthy Elder who has already started their healing journey can really help. Seeking an Elder for direction and guidance can make a big difference, especially when a person is vulnerable or has no family support.

Healthy Elders have gained knowledge from their own personal life struggles and triumphs and can share and pass on that knowledge to others. They will give good direction for what is needed at a moment in a person’s life, give guidance on how to access or prepare for cultural practices and let the person figure out their own path and healing journey.

Not all older people are Elders and not all Elders are on a healthy path or healing journey. For the Circle Project, Elders are traditional people who practice their cultural teachings, share their wisdom and provide us with knowledge and understanding.

Elders are involved in all aspects of the Circle Project. We ask them to provide us with direction, guidance and prayer; they guide us in our community work and work with any person who needs their help.

We care for our Elders — whenever and however they need it. We visit them and run errands for them. When they’re ill, we help take care of them. We give back to them as they have given to us.