Children’s Centre

Location: 1115 Pasqua Street, Regina, SK
Hours of Operation: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
Phone: 306-569-3988

Whether they are working full time, going to school, or working their way through personal issues and challenges, our parents are supported toward their goal of independence as a pathway to a better life for themselves and their children. They can focus on the tasks at hand, secure in the knowledge that their children are well fed, well cared for, and engaged in activities that promote positive early childhood development and assist in the transition to school and higher learning.

In March 1992, the Circle Project Children’s Centre was developed to provide quality, culturally appropriate programming for the North Central community of Regina. The Centre is fully subsidized and licensed by the Ministry of Education, Early Childhood and Education to provide care for 70 children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years. We are inclusive and all children are welcome!

Integrated programming for Indigenous and non-Indigenous children and children with special needs is provided according to our holistic philosophy focusing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and development. To meet children’s needs, our staff work closely with a speech pathologist, music therapist, and an art therapist. Our children attend local libraries for story times and puppet shows and gymnastics once a week. During the summer months, special excursions are arranged including summer day camp activities.

To ensure good health, meals and snacks follow Canada’s food guide, and with a focus on food security for children, we provide an enhanced feeding program, which includes a nutritious breakfast. To ensure safety for our young participants, transportation is provided for schoolchildren, kindergarten and up, to local schools in the morning, at lunchtime, and at the end of the school day.

In addition to being fully trained according to provincial Childcare Regulations, which includes First Aid and CPR, our staff seek out additional educational opportunities to stay current with new discoveries in Early Childhood Education practices and keep the program and activities educational and engaging.


“I’ve always appreciated the warmth and understanding of the staff, who can relate and empathize with parents, especially single parents who are trying their very best to provide their children with the best care. Knowing this as a parent allows us to be productive and allows us to continue to work at our goals.” — TP


“I really appreciate the care you gave my children. They bloomed in front of my eyes into confident, funny, loving children.” — CD


“The Staff at the Children’s Centre is a second family for my child. The amount of love and caring they have for the children has exceeded my expectations. It is easy to see that providing care for the children is not just a job for them, it’s their investment in the future of our community.” —NW