About Us

The Circle Project is a registered not-for-profit charity supported by the City of Regina, Regina United Way, Provincial Departments, Service Clubs, and the community at large.

Since its beginning in 1988, the Circle Project has engaged and worked with the Indigenous community, helping individuals and families reach their full potential. Individuals and families are given access to a broad range of programs and services delivered in a community setting by the Circle Project, an Indigenous organization, so that they may enjoy the benefits that are a natural outcome of education, employment, and firm attachment to the economy.

With Saskatchewan leading the country in family violence, our interest is also in helping individuals who are at risk of detachment from the economy as a result of lifestyle or relationship issues or family violence. We have begun the work of identifying and responding to the risks that lead to economic detachment by individuals and families. We plan to continue working in this area because reattachment to the economy is more difficult to achieve and brings with it a whole different set of complex challenges for individuals and the community.