The Circle Project provides support and programs based on the Aboriginal vision of wholeness, balance, and healing. By promoting positive human development, we encourage people to help themselves through education, cultural awareness, family, and community.

—Circle Project Mission Statement

The circle of life shows that everything is connected to everything else. For human beings, this is true as well. Our physical wellbeing is related to our emotional, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. If something is wrong in one area, it affects all others. It follows, therefore, that development in any one area must be balanced and connected with efforts in other areas.

The spiritual and physical worlds are also connected and disregarding spiritual laws can have a very negative effect in the physical world. As human beings, we have been given a gift — of being able to develop from the moment of conception right through to eternity. There is no limit to such human development because we are reflections of our Creator, who is limitless.

Who are we and why are we on this earth?
We turn to the Creator to guide us,
to give us the answer to what path we will take.
We seek and value vision in our lives.
The Circle Project is a spiritually based organization that uses traditional cultural teachings
as a framework within which to offer programs
and services to all who request help.



  1. To aid in the reduction of social ills in the community.
  2. To use a holistic approach to individual and family healing.
  3. To be inclusive in the provision of our services and programs.
  4. To build unity, respect, and acceptance among all people.
  5. To teach a cultural and spiritual way of life.

Our approach to the social problems faced by many in our community is a holistic one. People need to develop mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Therefore, we offer a variety of programs and services designed to help each person overcome challenges, become healthier, regain pride, build self-esteem, and grow spiritually.