Family Violence Program

Family violence affects us all. Whether it’s a relative, friend, neighbour, or colleague, family violence has touched our lives in some form.

Saskatchewan has the highest instance of police-reported family violence in Canada, almost double the national average. The Circle Project’s Family Violence Program was created to help individuals affected by family violence. These individuals and their families are given opportunities to develop skills for preventing the angry outbursts or violence affecting them and their families. Using a holistic approach, the Circle Project guides these individuals and their families through the healing process and helps them learn healthy alternatives to manage anger.

A key component of the Family Violence Program is the Circle Project Project’s Anger Resolution Techniques (ART) program, which helps individuals learn to identify the personal frustrations, stress, and triggers that can lead to violence.

As a concerned community agency, the Circle Project works with individuals and families to break the cycles of violence.


I loved this program, I have changed, My family has changed. Thank-you for having this program, it has changed my life. —LM


It was empowering and life changing. You guys were awesome, much respect to you both. Thanks for helping me on my journey. —CD


This was a turning point in my life, I am grateful for the knowledge I have learned. —JN


I enjoy learning about how to better myself and my relationships and how to deal with issues. —PM