Hearts in the Park 2018

Our 3rd Annual Hearts in the Park event was held on May 30th, 2018 against the backdrop of a bright blue sky accented with 2 tipis at Victoria Park in Downtown Regina. With smiles shining as brightly as the sun, volunteers in purple t-shirts interacted with the public to fill out bright red hearts, identified their relationship with someone they know who has been affected by violence.

The event provided a great opportunity for a diverse and ongoing community partnership between Circle Project, Regina Police Service (RPS), U of S Nursing College-Regina Campus and SOFIA House. The community partners came together to plan and host this important event which serves to raise levels of awareness about violence in our community. The Hearts in the Park event also works to reduce the stigma attached to domestic, family and interpersonal violence. This year, each partner talked about the impact of violence in our community on today’s youth, either through family violence or interpersonal violence. In addition, we had two male youths, from a local high school, speak about violence in our community and how this effects today’s youth.

Thank you to our Community Partners, Regina Police Service (RPS), U of S College of Nursing-Regina Campus and SOFIA House and the Department of Justice Canada’s Victims and Survivors of Crime Week for providing us the opportunity to share this important message in our community.

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