Circle Project’s 30th Anniversary Pipe Ceremony, Feast and Round Dance

On March 23, 2018 Circle Project held a pipe ceremony, feast and round dance in celebration of their 30th Anniversary. Staff and volunteers began their day by preparing and cooking. The pipe ceremony began shortly after 5 pm, immediately followed by the feast. Circle Project staff assisted the Elders and servers. Friends from the Regina Police Service were in attendance and pitched in to lend a hand. We kicked of our Round Dance (almost 30 singers shared their songs with us) as the over 400 people in attendance danced and socialized throughout the evening. It was an amazing experience to have the community celebrate with us, but it was made even more special by the bright happy faces of the children and youth in attendance. Later in the evening the giveaway was held and through this ceremony Circle Project was able to recognize and give thanks to the community that has supported the agency over the last 30 years.  Just before midnight, staff handed out lunches and four special 30th Anniversary cakes were served to the crowd. Once the food was handed out the round dance continued, concluding just after midnight.

Thank you to Circle Project Elders, Council and Staff for all the work that they do in the community. Thank you to the volunteers who helped to make our celebration a success. Thank you to the community for coming out and celebrating with us. We look forward to another 30 years working to serve the needs of our community.



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