New home for Circle Project!

Thanks to a very generous gift from Conexus Credit Union, Circle Project will soon be moving to the corner of 5th Ave. and Elphinstone St.

Once renovations are completed, the old credit union branch will serve as the organization’s headquarters as well as a community hub in the western part of the North Central community.

“We really appreciate the generosity of Conexus Credit Union,” said Circle Project president Bob Cantin. “We already have a strong presence in the community through our child care centres and satellite programming. This provides us with a wonderful opportunity to build on Circle Project’s 30 years of serving Indigenous people in Regina.”

Ann Perry is the organization’s executive director. “Moving our headquarters into the heart of North Central will certainly benefit people using our programs because we’ll be much closer to their homes. Our staff is thrilled with the options this gives us and the Board is already considering some of the programming options we hope to be able to offer.”

While the old branch building is in very good condition, converting it from a financial institution to a community hub will require extensive renovations. The first priority of the board is fundraising to cover those costs. “We’ve set our sights high,” said Cantin “because we want the best for the people of North Central community.”

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