Building Cultural Competency

There is a significant lack of opportunity for Indigenous people to learn about and understand their own history in a culturally safe environment. There is even a greater lack of opportunity for non-Indigenous people to learn about the history of Indigenous people and have the opportunity to gain an individual understanding of the impact of that history, in terms of the modern world.

Building Cultural Competency (BCC) training is a new and innovative approach to helping people work toward gaining a greater understanding of Indigenous history, culture and traditions. Through the delivery of training sessions participants will gain first-hand knowledge about the history of Indigenous people in Canada through participation in experiential learning opportunities. Exposure to teachings from Indigenous Elders, Knowledge Keepers and those with lived experience are key components in the program.  The Circle Project’s BCC program is a critical pathway to actions that will strengthen cultural understanding for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in our community.

This new initiative has given us great new opportunities to work in a more meaningful way with our community partners, sharing knowledge and expertise that we have developed over the last 30 years of community service as an Indigenous organization.


“It was different from other cultural workshops and that is a good thing.”

“Experiential learning is more meaningful, has a more powerful impact than a lecture style presentation. Thank you it was very meaningful for me.”

“The exercise led to a lot of soul searching and questions about history as it has been taught.”

“It gives me a better understanding of how the decisions made in the past affects todays people’s lives.”

“This training helps with understanding past and present issues, and reconciliation, all for improvement.”

“A valuable, intense, powerful experience.”

“I will understand reconciliation better, and will be able to make more informed decisions about how I act to make our society a better place for everyone.”