Cultural Connections for Kids helps link children and their families back to their Indigenous culture.

The Circle Project Cultural Connections for Kids (CCK) is designed to assist Indigenous children and families address the negative and intergenerational impacts of the residential school system and loss of cultural identity. By having opportunities for cultural experiences and engagement and in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission – Calls to Action, this important Early Childhood program engages children and their families in a culturally rich and vibrant environment. Children have the opportunity to connect culturally through specialized and enhanced programming on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

In the Cultural Connections for Kids program, the primary focus is on preschool children. There is also a very important parent inclusion component, recognizing that parents are a child’s first teacher. Parents have the chance to learn from the same community Elders, Knowledge Keepers and cultural people as their children do. Various opportunities include family nights and creating cultural activities designed to build and strengthen family experiences and strengthen community. Monthly cultural teachings by Elders or Knowledge Keepers and opportunities to participate in community events helps parents learn more about their own culture in a safe environment.

“I hope my daughter learns more than I did as a kid.” – S.K.

“I really like the cultural aspects being put into the daycares. I feel that is very important for our children because we live in an urban setting.” – K.S.

“We need more evenings to sit and visit with Elders and have them share their stories.” – J.S.

“For my children to learn and experience their culture and new things that I don’t know.” – K.S.