cultural Connections

Circle Project’s Cultural Connections program was designed to assist individuals in the program to make cultural connections with their Aboriginal ancestry. The program is for individuals who have been recently housed through Regina’s First Housing First initiative, a program that places chronically homeless individuals in housing and then surrounding them with supports needed to help them maintain their housing. In Regina 75% of the homeless population is of Aboriginal Ancestry (2015 Point in Time Count). With so many of the individuals experiencing homelessness being of Aboriginal ancestry providing cultural supports is key to their healing journey and address the ‘spiritual homeless’ they are facing.  Through these supports individuals can works towards gaining or regaining their cultural identity and pride, build self-esteem and lead them to self-sufficiency.

Services will range from formal protocols around Elder and cultural teachings to drop in programming to work on individual soft skill projects like learning how to bead. For those that are ready to move to a group setting, planned projects include learning to make items of cultural significance and importance. The program also provides opportunities for member to engage in cultural ceremonies and on to one elder counselling.

The cultural connections program also involves intensive engagement with the Housing First delivery agency to identify challenges that are occurring in service delivery with Aboriginal people involved in Housing First. This partnership approach helps to identify gaps in the provision of a seamless, community-based service delivery model. Support is provided to staff of other agencies to provide training opportunities, particularly as it relates to building understanding of the First Nations culture and the majority Indigenous people they are working with, an important step in reconciliation.

Registration to this program is entirely through referral.


It reminds me where I come from, it takes me back to my roots, helps me follow the teachings. –LB


You guys make us feel like we are wanted, that we are apart of something, it’s a really great feeling! –LB