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On Feb. 19, the Regina Leader-Post reported in a short, sad article that a woman and child were sent to hospital following a domestic assault.

Circle Project, in a report published in June 2016, added up the costs of a very similar scenario. Personal costs to the family plus costs to the justice and health systems were estimated using figures from Statistics Canada.

The total cost for one incident? Just over $115,000. Secondary costs are not included. Some of these are: Long-term ones associated with family trauma, costs to employers of extended family members who lose time from work due to emergencies and extra costs to the school systems to deal with behavioural issues of children from violent homes.

Emotional costs are impossible to calculate.

Saskatchewan leads the country in the incidence of domestic violence. Every June, Circle Project, in partnership with the RPS, the U of S College of Nursing and SOFIA House, put on Hearts in the Park to reinforce public awareness of this sad reality.

Fred Clipsham, Regina (Member of the Circle Project board of directors)

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Link to ECONOMIC IMPACT: The Cost of One Incident of Domestic Violence:

Please take the time to share this important information with your friends and family. It is important that this information gets into the hands of one of the most vulnerable groups in our community.


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