A picture does say a thousand words…


A picture does say a thousand words!  On October 29th, 2015, through a generous donation from a long time Circle Project friend and supporter, our newly renovated space is now home to three original artwork pieces by renowned artist Simone McLeod.  The series in the set are titled “Guidance”, “Guidance From Our Ancestors” and “Journey” and were commissioned in 2003 to celebrate the importance and development of partnerships.

The artwork was donated by Victoria Gubbles of Regina, as a gift to celebrate Circle Project’s long standing commitment of working in the community through partnerships to help people help themselves. At the presentation Victoria said “the artwork is a reflection of great community work done by the organization for many years.  I can’t think of an organization more deserving than the Circle Project to receive this gift because they embody the philosophies reflected in the artwork perfectly in all of their work.  Whether it’s providing support for parents who are going to school to try to get ahead in the future, planning community Elder’s Christmas party, helping to ease the suffering of someone caught in the cycle of domestic violence or hosting the Circle Project and Friends National Aboriginal Day annual event, the organization is there…working in the community as was envisioned by the community founders of the Circle Project.”

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